Tobias Trading Co., L.L.C.


Our Story

 Located in the charming Hill Country town of San Marcos, Texas, Tobias Trading Co., L.L.C.  is a premium gift company designing custom gifts for everyday, weddings, and corporate events.  Through your vision, we focus on creating beautiful gifts that are unique, thoughtful, and useful.  Our mission is to treat you as we like to be treated while working together to design meaningful gifts that are as delightful to give as they are to receive.

How did TTco come to be?

I have always jumped at the chance to plan beautiful and fun family gatherings, holiday parties, work events, and school activities.  I usually went above and beyond, but I loved every minute of it!   When it came to my own gift giving, "they" always say to give what you like to get, so my go-to-gift was, and still is, a beautiful, generously packed gift full of useful and fun surprises! ( I truly believe gifts should be useful, too.)  

From a young age, I had a curious mind and a variety of interests, so I took the opportunity to learn through formal education and professional experience.  In the words of Francis Bacon, c. 1597, "Knowledge is power" and, as an aspiring business owner, I viewed everyone and every experience as a learning opportunity.  While gaining hands-on experience, I earned degrees in Business and Education - a nice blend of Arts and Science.   I utilized my educational experience while working in retail, the Dallas World Trade Center,  scaffolding young students, holding positions in business management and accounting, and operating a successful business.  

Tobias Trading Co., L.L.C is a joyful blend of many wonderful experiences and my first love of creating beauty and fun for everyone to enjoy!  I feel truly blessed to be able to work closely with each client designing personal and meaningful gifts of gratitude that show the receiver how much they are appreciated and celebrated.

From our design studio in beautiful San Marcos, Texas, we thank you for your interest and invite you to become part of the TTco. family!  

We look forward to working with you soon!

Sandra  L. Tobias

Founder and Managing Director